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How The Correct Business Plan Structure Will Help Get You Funded

A while ago I wrote an article titled “Business Plan Structure: 6 Must-Have Sections”. In the article I discussed the sections that every business plan must have in order to answer all the questions an investor or bank needs to see. Recently, I was asked to record a video explaining how this fits into my

The Death of the Traditional Business Plan is a MYTH!

The death of the traditional business plan has been discussed over and over again. Writing a business plan is often cited as the first thing an entrepreneur must do before starting any new venture. However, a traditional business plan rarely (if ever) survives the reality of the market once the full document is completed. So,

Business Plan Writing Secrets Hiding In Your Own Head

Yes, there are some business plan writing secrets hidden in your own head. Let me delve into a couple secrets that will help certainly help you if you’re at a stand still. In my years as a business plan writer I have come across thousands of people in the process of writing their own business

Business Plan Sections

Business Plan Structure – 6 Must Have Sections

Business Plan Structure: The 6 Must-Have Sections To answer every question an investor is looking for your business plan structure must have 6 essential sections. There is not one perfect business plan template that suits every business, but every proper business plan structure will have these sections. Business owners and entrepreneurs often get extremely frustrated

Don't buy a business plan online

2 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy a Business Plan Online

You need a business plan, but… DON’T BUY A BUSINESS PLAN ONLINE… you’re just wasting your money.   Here’s why: You need funding for your new idea or expanding your business. The first thing you learn on the Internet is that you need a business plan. Investors and banks will ask for a detailed business plan

Professional Business Plan Cover

Help Writing a Business Plan

New Idea or a Growing Business? You have a new business idea, or you want to grow your existing business. Awesome! This is exciting. However, you need funding to launch your idea or expand… The Internet tells you that you need a business plan to present to investors and banks. TRUE. Now You Need Help

Business Plan Questions document

FREE Business Plan Questions

So, You Need a Business Plan You are starting a new business or expanding your existing business. Now you need a business plan so you can get the funding you need to launch and expand. Answer These Business Plan Questions Whether you are starting a new business, or writing a business plan for your existing

Feasibility Study Cover

Business Feasibility Study – Case Study

Ramblin’ Adventure Club (RAC) Feasibility Study RAC came to me for my small business consulting services. Their passion was unmatched, but their current business model wasn’t profitable at the time. They wanted me to write a business plan for the company to use as an internal document to guide their direction and growth. The first

Business Plan Consulting - Case Study

Business Plan Consulting Case Study

BUSINESS PLAN CONSULTING SBA 7(a) Loan to Start a Franchise The Barre Studio, Capitola was seeking approval for a $250,000 SBA 7(a) loan to start a barre fitness studio franchise. I was happy to provide the business plan consulting that helped secure the SBA loan, and strategize the launch of her own brand. Check out

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