Building dental websites involves much more than just creating a pretty website – it’s about knowing what your goals are, and optimizing your website to reach those goals.

For some dental practices your goal may be to grow your patient base for general dentistry. Other dental websites may want to only focus on full mouth restoration patients.

Once your goal is established, I can begin building a website that has the ability to rank within the top 3 of Google Search results so that your ideal patients see your website when they are searching in your area.

Dental Websites by Pete Kremer

Here’s Why I Know Dental Websites:

Both my Dad and brother are dentists in Northern California. My brother owns three dental practices, and I’ve helped him create his dental websites with each new practice he purchased. Family members are the toughest critics.

I’ve been small business development consultant for years, and I’ve built many small business websites. When it comes to dentistry, I was shocked to see how much some ‘dental website specialists’ were charging dentists to create their website. And, the ongoing costs were absurd.

The goal for each dental website is different, but my goal is to make sure that dentists aren’t being taken advantage of when it comes to their web costs.

If I can’t boost your website in search results and lower your monthly costs, then I won’t take on the project. It’s that simple.

My process for building dental websites includes:

  • Initial conference call to discuss your current business and assess your ideal customer.

  • Provide 3-year hosting package for a WordPress optimized website.

  • I write (or rewrite) your web content to speak directly to your ideal patients, by using keyword research trends.

  • Design and build your ‘Home’ page, and one content page for your review. Everything will be 100% mobile-friendly.

  • Build all other content pages.

  • Launch your new website and provide you with a monthly service to add/edit/update content and post monthly blog posts to keep your website fresh (a must for Google ranking).

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