Business Plan Writing Secrets Hiding In Your Own Head

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Yes, there are some business plan writing secrets hidden in your own head. Let me delve into a couple secrets that will help certainly help you if you're at a stand still.

In my years as a business plan writer I have come across thousands of people in the process of writing their own business plan. In fact, go to,,, or any other freelancing platform, and you'll find hundreds of job posts per day for 'business plan'.

But it's funny really…

You're passionate about your company, new venture, or new idea. Ideas are pouring into your head – product offerings, product features, product tweaks, customer base, marketing techniques, sales pitches, partnerships, global growth, and on, and on. You can't wait to dive into the deep end and start planning for world domination (maybe an exaggeration).

But for some reason when it comes time to sit down and put the pen to the paper, the business plan never gets done.

Why is that?

Often times a business plan never gets written because you focus on creating the business itself. Writing a business plan takes a back seat to actually making sales and growing your company. In this scenario you rarely even need a traditional business plan, which is quite lucky for you.

However, if you need funding to get you idea off the ground, or to grow your company to the next level, you will need a detailed business plan. For far too many individuals and small businesses a business plan never gets written because of overwhelm. You get stuck thinking about all the possibilities, and can never focus and define one clear path. Your endless ideas and the intrigue of 'what ifs' create this overwhelm.

So, how do you focus?

The answer lies within the great Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss movie 'What About Bob?'


Baby Steps – Business Plan Writing

Baby Step #1 for Starting Your Business Plan:

Start Your Business Plan with the Secrets Hiding In Your Own Head

To start the business plan writing process, write about now. Describe where you are right now with your company, new venture, or idea. It doesn't matter if it's just an idea that's barely on paper. Only you know where you're at right now, and you have to describe it in your business plan anyway… so start there.

Here’s start: “As of [insert date], [insert company name or working title] exists as a development stage company that…[describe what you do now].”

It's far easier to describe the facts than creatively word the prospective future. So, just start writing the facts about where you are now, and this will give you a baseline for where you want to be.

Baby Step #2 for Starting Your Business Plan:

Write About The Parts That You Are Passionate About.

Once you have established the baseline of 'where you are now', dive into the section(s) of your business plan that get you excited. What parts of the business get you excited?

If you're super passionate about the crazy awesome product features that you want to build out, then dive into writing the Products and Services section.

Or, if you can wait to discuss the ingenious marketing ideas you have in order to gain traction, start writing your Sales and Marketing Section.

You get my point – just write down all the ideas in your head.


Once you’ve written about your current status and the sections that you’re passionate about, you may start quoting 'What About Bob?'…

“I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful.”

What About Bob? - I feel good. I feel great. I feel wonderful.

Reach Out If You Need Help

As always, you can always reach out for free resources to get you unstuck and eliminate the business plan writing overwhelm.

I’m super accessible, so reach out with any questions you have. If you’ve ever received an email from me, you’ll see that I include my email address, phone number, skype ID, and Calendly calendar… so reach out in whatever way is easiest for you.

You can even instant message me in the bottom right corner of my website (, or use Facebook Messenger to message Pete Kremer Page (

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