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Get closer to funding you need to grow your business with this business plan book.

For $2.99 you will learn how to easily structure and write your own investor-ready business plan.
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If a professional business plan writer approached you at a coffee shop and offered to help you write your own investor-ready business plan would you offer to buy his coffee?

What you will learn in this book

For just $2.99 (basically the cost of a cup of coffee), in this business plan book I walk you through the exact steps I take in writing every business plan that I complete for clients.

There’s no fluff or filler like other business plan books – just the proven strategy that I use to get my clients approved for funding and grow their businesses.

And it’s easy to read.

At 81 pages, you can read it in an afternoon, and then dive into writing your business plan following the steps.

AND, there’s a lot more to this book than just writing your business plan.

Here are just some of the book highlights…

  • The 6 sections every business plan must have… even though there is no ‘catch-all’ business plan template, these are the sections you need! …Page 31.
  • The #1 reason why you should be an active participant in writing your business plan, especially if you’re a new business …Page 10.
  • TODAY: Dive in and start writing your investor-ready business plan with my simple 3-Step Business Plan Process approach …Page 48.
  • A new approach to quickly and easily structure your business plan to prevent overwhelm …Page 41.
  • An easy to follow formula and template for developing your Value Proposition…Page 53.
  • A visual representation of the entire business plan writing process. Spoiler… the process only consists of 4 parts …Page 22.
  • Clear cut example of what to expect ‘IF’ you try to simply buy a business plan online. Read this before ever attempting to spend money on a simple business plan solution …Page 13.
  • Why you should understand what type of business plan you need, and what audience your business plan is meant for …Page 16.
  • How to do industry research and develop SWOT Analysis. This will help you identify opportunities in your industry that will set your business apart from others …Page 51.
  • Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed! This Tables of Contents sets up your whole business plan structure for you …Page 41.
  • The 4-paragraph formula to write any Executive Summary. This method is simpler and it’s working to get businesses funding …Page 63.

And, developing business plan financials…

  • A proven way to develop your financial projections. This approach provides you with key assumptions to provide research-backed financials that are easily conceivable …Page 52.
  • How to calculate your Gross Profit and Net Profit within your financial projections …Page 59.

How to Write a Business Plan - And Why You Need One is 81 pages PACKED with valuable content on every single page. Its sole purpose is to help get your business plan written fast!

When writing your business plan, trust an expert that’s been doing it quite awhile. My new business plan book walks you through everything you need.

…and it’s just $2.99

DISCLAIMER (obvious disclaimer): The funding figures stated in the book are from Pete Kremer’s personal clients’ funding figures. Please understand these results are not always typical. I have been writing business plans for over 10 years, and naturally I have a bit of an advantage as a result. I cannot guarantee that you’ll duplicate these funding results (or do anything for that matter). Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

The average person who buys any “how to” course or information rarely gets any results at all. All businesses entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. You’ve got to stick with it. Think about it; if business was easy, everybody would be rich. So if you’re looking for a “magic pill” or an “easy button” that’ll write your business plan for you, I can’t provide that for you. All I can do is teach you HOW to do the work. Better you know now than be disappointed later… by just buying ‘You Make Your Business Plan Unique’ you won’t magically get funding for your business.

If you’ve made it all the way to bottom of this page, bravo! Use this ‘disclaimer’ to excite you and light a fire under your bum! Download the book, consume every page, then get writing.
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