So… do you want to know more about me, or do you want to know if I can provide stellar business plan help?


2 Reasons You Should NOT Be Here.

Pete Kremer writes business plans, offers professional business plan help and builds small business websites. Pete Kremer finds the ‘About Me’ page on websites quite funny. Most people spend hours trying to sound better than they really are in the third person.


So, after writing three sentences in the third person, Pete Kremer decided to write this ‘About Me’ page like he’s talking to a friend.


– – – – –


What would you like to know about me?


I’m 36 years old.

I’m a Scorpio.

I live with my wife Jannika.

I’m from California and she’s from Stockholm, so we split time between the US and Sweden (it’s colder in Sweden)…


…this probably isn’t the information you’re looking for.


The question you really want answered is probably, “Is this guy worth my time?”

For many readers, my answer is ‘NO’




1. I cannot promise you funding.


Many people equate “Business Plan” to “Automatic Funding”. However, this just isn’t the case. It’s not that easy.


Can a business plan help you get funding? Of course! Nearly every investor and bank will ask you for your business plan. BUT, this does not mean that just because you produce a business plan they will automatically open their checkbooks.


Every detail in your business plan has to be completely dialed in, and you have to know those details. Investors (more so than banks) are investing in YOU as well as your company.


I am a business plan writer and I offer business plan help, but if you’re looking for ‘automatic’ funding, I can’t do that. Funding requires some work on your part, and requires you to be ‘all in’.

2. If you’re looking for ‘a simple solution’ you are in the wrong place.


Go look on any freelance website, and you’ll see hundreds of requests for ‘Full Business Plan Needed’ or ‘Business Plan Help’. Most of these people are looking to simply purchase an existing business plan for $30 – $250 then hand it to an investor…


It’s ridiculous to think you’ll get funding that way.


If you’re looking for ‘the easy way to get funding’, I can’t help you.




Simply because when you tell me that you’re looking for ‘the easiest way to…’ it means that you’re not fully invested in your business venture.


AND, if you’re not fully vested in your company, then investors WILL NOT invest in you or your company.

Are you still reading? Great!


This means you’re probably my target client… and fully invested in the success of your company.


Here’s what you can expect from me…


✔ Free strategies and information on how you can make your business plan more attractive to investors and banks, followed by:

✔ Blatant sales pitch attempts to write your business plan for you.


I mean… that’s what I do. I write business plans. That is how I make money.


However, I really do want to provide you with valuable strategies and information that you can use immediately.


That’s free.


The idea is to provide value first. Then, hopefully you’ll say “This guy really knows his stuff… I’ll have him write my business plan for me.”


“I write your business plan, you run your business.” That’s kinda my thing.

You Still Might Be Wondering…


Do I really know my stuff? Or, who is this guy?


Here’s my elevator pitch…


I wrote my first business plan in 2007. I was like many people… working on a startup with a couple people, and trying to get funding. So, I spent far too much time researching and writing my first business plan because I didn’t have the money for professional business plan help.


We got funding. Cool beans!


I quickly learned that I loved the ‘idea phase’… the business planning process much more than the sales.


After that startup experience I went to work for a business/securities law firm, where I found myself writing and editing business plans everyday. The business plans that I wrote and edited at the law firm were used for IPOs, private investors (PPM), and reverse mergers.


After a couple of years at the law firm, I started my own company, and have been writing business plans and offering business plan help ever since. I have helped small businesses, startups and individuals acquire millions in investor funding and bank loans.


Now, I generally only take on 2 new clients per month. This allows me to focus all my efforts on your exact needs.


That’s me. And that’s my ‘About Me’ page.



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